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The Best Dresses For Your Body Type!

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That gorgeous dress on the mannequin has caught your eye! It looks fab on her, but somehow isn’t as figure-flattering for us. How could this be? We come in many different shapes and sizes – finding the perfect dress is a matter of identifying your body type and choosing the best styles to flatter it. Here are some J&K tips to help you out!


If you’re curvy and rockin’ that Hourglass shape..

Look for a semi-fitted style of dress. A belted waist or a dress with stitching to emphasize the waistline will give your small waist the spotlight and bring balance to your upper and lower body. Try a wrap dress or add your own belt at the waist to a straight dress for this effect!
What to avoid: Loose fitting or too-tight dresses.

So you’re a little Triangular. Smaller bust and curvier lower body.

Try a fit and flare style to naturally play up your smaller upper body and reduce the appearance of hips and thighs. A strapless empire dress will do the trick!

What to avoid: Stay away from anything with built-in bones or darts as they try to shape you and you can’t get away from the look they create.

Nope, you’re actually more of an Inverted Triangle.

You’ll rock dresses that have a slight flare, like an A-line dress. Go for a scooped neckline to take the emphasis away from your shoulders and you’re good to go!

What to avoid: No off the shoulder dresses here. They’ll make shoulders look broader and that’s not what we want. Also avoid boatneck necklines and tunic top styles.

An Apple shape! You may have slender legs but a rounder mid-section.

Try a swing or empire dress to flow over your tummy area. An open neckline will balance out your top and bottom and monochromatic shades look the most slimming.

What to avoid: You don’t want to wear dresses that emphasize the waist here, so avoid anything too tight, stiff or bulky.

Athletic or Edgy looks.

Dresses that drape will work well for you. Try belted dresses or ruched ones to bring emphasis to curves such as a cinched mid-section or a tulip styled dress.

What to avoid: Try not to wear any straight cut dresses like a T-shirt or Tank dress.


Shop with these in mind and you’ll be dressing to impress in no time!

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