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Classic or Curve Waist – Which work pants best suits you?

Lassic and Curve Waist Work Pants

Have you ever purchased pants that fits perfectly on your hips but the waist just does not fit right?  Or it fits so well at the waist, but you’re scared to sit because the seams feel like they’re going to pop open, not to mention there is no room in the hip area? I’m sure the answer is yes!

Don’t worry we’re here to help, but first, where do you start when shopping for the right work pants,. How do you buy pants online with the hope that you get the right fit? With everything you have to consider, this usually becomes a game of hit or miss and let me tell you, we understand. That’s why we’re here to give you the correct tools in finding the best fitting J&K Apparel work pants for you… starting with the WAIST. So ladies, let’s talk pants.

The first step

Before you even begin looking for the work pants you need, you’ve got to measure, measure, measure.

Knowing your measurements is an important part in identifying which waist style is best for you. So grab your measuring tape as we go through the 2 main measurements that you will need when determining your waist size and just in case you’re new to this, we’ve included 2 tips to ensure you get the most accurate measurement. Click here to browse our J&K APPAREL Measurement Guide.

How to measure for pants

Are you classic or curve?


Now that you’ve gotten your waist and hip measurements, we can take you through the first step when buying our J&K Apparel work pants. Caribbean females come in so many shapes and sizes and as a locally designed brand our pants are specifically designed with Caribbean women in mind. J&K Apparel work pants are available in 2 different waists styles that cater to various body types.


As the name suggests our curve waist is designed for our more curvaceous body types. Cut to contour to the body through waist and hip, this waist style works best with body shapes such as pear, hourglass and triangle shapes where the waist is approx. 10” smaller than the hip. We can even take this a step further by introducing to you our high curve waist pant. While its high rise design comes with some leg lengthening perks, it also adds support and coverage for your mid-section area.


Our classic waist is cut to fit those equally beautiful body shapes such as rectangle and inverted triangle shapes where the waist is the same size or approx. 6” smaller than the hip which gives you an easy fit through hip and thigh. Even better, our classic waist pant also comes in a stretch option for those of us who prefer maximum mobility when it comes to fit and comfort.

Ready to shop for pants in-store and online? We’re so happy to equip you with the tools needed to shop our J&K APPAREL work pants. P.S. Now that you have your measurements, be sure to use the size charts located below each product,  so you can use this as a guide to compare to your measurements in order to get the right fit.

So tell us in the comments below, are you classic waist or curve waist?

Happy Shopping!


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