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From Basic to BOLD – Utilizing the right accessories

The simplest tools you can have in your styling arsenal are accessories. The right accessory has the ability of taking any outfit from basic to bold in no time. You know that black and white outfit that you always love wearing on  Monday Mornings? Why not add a bold red fashion belt or layered necklace? It’s a classic combo that takes your outfit up a notch. Here are some guidelines that will help you step your style to create an effortless, more polished look. 

Know your necklines:

The first step to an amped up yet effortless style is to understand that not every necklace works. Be sure to remember which necklace shape goes best with which neckline. You can start with these.

Everything in moderation:

Pay attention to scale and pick one piece of jewellery to be your focus. If your necklace is the statement don’t take away its shine with large earrings. Pair it with a smaller pair to really make it effective and balanced.

Colour, colour, colour:

This one is as easy as they come. We are Caribbean people and colour is in our blood. Don’t be afraid to throw some accessories with bold colours into the mix and make your outfit fun. Here are a few superb colour combos:

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