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Prints Please – Our Latest Workwear Collection

Printed Womens Workwear

Prints have the unique ability to add dimension and personality to your workwear, in fact it adds flair to any outfit, and when paired with the right pieces you can elevate your look while highlighting your best features. Can this styling go-to get any better?

We’ve all experienced that extra bounce in our step when we wear our favourite outfit or that ultra-feminine feeling a perfect styling combination brings to your day. So take a look at our new collection; it is filled with powerful patterns in various styles that matches perfectly with our solid suiting basics. You’d be sure to find a few stand out prints to mix into your 9 to 5 looks!

Printed Blouses for work

If you are looking for a way to make an unforgettable statement, then an abstract pattern should be first on your list. Known as a bold pattern that draws a lot of attention, abstract patterns tend to work best when paired with neutrals. But be careful when pairing with other patterns. Due to the haphazard nature of the motif, its best when used with patterns that share the same base colour or even neutral patterns. In our April collection we feature a black, white and magenta abstract pattern in 4 different styles best paired with our black suiting separates (go high waist for an extra splash of style) or  with our magenta and black cardigans.  

Floral prints – a touch of femininity

Nip your concerns about floral patterns in the bud and take a chance with one of the floral patterns featured in our collection. There are so many possibilities when it comes to styling with these designs because they are an easy way to add a touch of refined elegance to any work-wear outfit. This collection has become the meeting place for vibrant yellow prints, bold pink, black blooms and even a vintage take on a damask pattern with a floral motif. Each of them paired with simple neutrals allows our prints to really shine.

Animal prints – an outward sign of inner sass

Raise your hands if you’ve ever donned your animal print on those “I’m queen of the jungle” days where you feel like you could take over the world with one email and a great pair of heels? I know I have. Whether its leopard, tiger or zebra print, all of these works best when you need a confidence boost or you just want to show the world what you’re made of.

Our April collection included 2 styles with black and white tiger stripes that can be used for your your workday to afterlook lime. Our halter top pairs flawlessly with any coloured ankle pants and cardigan of your choice. For a more corporate look choose our charcoal and black suiting separates. Our printed long sleeved open front cardigan can be paired with a solid inner top and pair of high-waist black pants. 


When it comes to patterns, this collection gets 10/10. Whichever pattern you choose it’s important to remember a few things:

  1. When in doubt stay neutral – Pairing patterns with a neutral is a foolproof way to style.
  2. Solid Colours – When pairing your patterns with solid colours, start with the colours featured in the design.

Happy Styling!

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