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Skip the Tailor, Get the Right Length!

Inseam length pants

Shopping for pants off the rack and having to make alterations are a reality for most of us. It’s so difficult to find the perfect pants length, especially work pants for the office. It’s not like we can roll up the pant leg to switch up the style like we do with our jeans. We need the right fit where we do not have to either hem or let down the seam.

For a long time buying pants locally with the right inseam length was a nightmare. Thankfully our options just got better! Our J&K APPAREL work wear pants are here to save the day…or more accurately, help you skip the tailor!

From the petite to the statuesque, we’ve got pants with inseams ranging from 26” to 34”.  So now that know where to shop for the right pants length. It’s time to discover what your inseam length is.

Take a look at the infographic below to find out how to measure your inseam length.

The simplest way to measure your inseam is to measure the length from your inner thigh, just below your crotch, straight down to the bottom of your ankle. If you own a pair of jeans that already fits you at the right place you like, lie them flat on a table and measure along the inseam from the crotch to the hem. That’s it!

Check out our measurement guide to learn how to measure for other clothing styles.

Now that you’ve got your inseam length, you can confidently shop for a J&K APPAREL work pants we’re sure you’ll love.

J&K APPAREL Pants Styles

Your pants hem should touch slightly above the bridge of your foot, just below your ankle. A tapered leg gives a clean tailored finish. You can wear these with both heels and flats and still look flattering and professional.

Straight Leg Classic Waist Pants
Inseam: 28″, 30″, 32″, 34″

Straight leg pants legs hovers over the floor at full length and should not bunch up at the bridge of your foot. While this style is perfect for wearing wear with heelsbe careful when wearing with flats; the hem should not touch the floor. Too long and they may drag on the ground or get caught  at the back of  your shoe, so ensure you measure at the right length below your ankle.

Ankle Pants
Inseam: 27.5″

Ankle pants are a cropped fit that looks trendy and fresh when styled with flats! For the office, you can pair with a pump for that casual yet professional Friday look. The hem should lie 2 to 3 inches above the ankle bone, just enough to show off your ankles! The crop should look intentional and not too short to seem like your pants have shrunk during washing. 😊

Want to know what style suits you? Click Here.

So, whether you love the classic straight leg or a cropped pants, finding the right inseam length makes all the difference when trying to achieve that polished look for the office. No more trips to the tailor, get the right length and perfect style of J&K APPAREL pants in-store or online. 

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