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TEAL & CORAL – Mood-Enhancing Colours

Ever wonder why we are drawn to some colours but not to others? In the world of science, colours are said to influence our behavior; it can affect our mood, our feelings and even our appetite. Shopping for specific colours that you are drawn to also says a lot about your personality and the image you are trying to project.

Our latest collection features shades of trendy teals and captivating corals that not only bring subtle sophistication to your wardrobe, but a mood-enhancing effect that can positively influence your work day.

(Read about our new collection here)

Here’s a little insight into this collection’s featured colours:


Trendy Teals – CALM & Optimistic

The colour teal is perfectly blended with the tranquility of blue and the optimism of green. These two colours come together nicely to create a relaxing and calming hue. Teal pairs harmoniously with our second featured colour -coral, it also stands out with royal maroons and rich gold tones. Check out some other  fun colour combinations you can try out here: From BASIC to BOLD. One of the best things about teal is that it looks amazing with all skin tones! It is said that teal brings clarity, so wear your teal pieces on a hectic Monday to center your mood, so that you can ease through your day with elegance.



Captivating corals – Fun & Energetic

It’s 2019’s pantone colour of the year, coral!  Coral is reintroducing playfulness and fun back into our wardrobes! Orange and pink tones come together to create this energetic colour that is also warm and joyful.  Coral is the perfect “pick me up” colour to wear on those long days. It is the ultimate compliment for anyone with warm skin tones. Our collection features a beautiful coral cardigan tops that you can pair with your navy and teal pieces.

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