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The Workwear Cheat Sheet

Checking back into the work week after a whirlwind weekend is tough on the best of us so what can you do when you want to snooze that alarm just one more time? Take a moment today to dive into a styling blueprint that will help you get ready to take on any day of the week

But first, the J&K Essentials…

When building your wardrobe, every woman must have a few basics that will give the versatility needed to get through those “I have nothing to wear” days. Here are[bctt tweet=” 5 items that are absolute must haves for any wardrobe:” username=”jksignature”]


Let’s talk cheat sheet…

After laying the foundation for a functional wardrobe, it’s time to dress it up!

Motivation Mondays

Power Suit + Inner Top

We all have those Monday mornings where we just want the day to be over before it’s done so keep it classic with your power suit. Play it up with a fun inner top or shirt to complete your look.

Here’s a little tip; stick to dark colours when choosing your suiting as they can be paired with anything and they never go out of style.

Take Charge Tuesdays

Jacket + Inner Top + Skirt/Pant

Remember that additional pant or skirt you purchased? Now that you’re waving goodbye to Monday, take charge of your Tuesday and pair that with a blazer and an inner top. This look will keep you prepared to deal with those 2-hour meetings that you have scheduled and reminds everyone that you mean business.


Work it Wednesdays

Cardigan + Dress

At this point the countdown starts and you are just waiting for the week to be over. Keep it simple on Wednesdays with a dress and cardigan but play it up with a pair of printed heels. You can even switch it around and do a printed cardigan with a classic neutral pair of pumps. Show the world that you are here to win!

Try Something New Thursdays

Printed Shirt + Pant/Skirt

Just 2 more days! Play up your trousers with a printed shirt and a coloured heel! Trust me we are all happy to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Challenge yourself to step outside of your comfort zone on Thursdays and try something new. Even if it’s as simple as wearing that top that you bought but never really knew how to style. You’ve got this!


Fantastic Fridays

Printed Cardigan + Camisole + Ankle Pant

Finally, its Friday! You made it through the week so why not celebrate. Do casual right with your printed cardigan, a simple camisole and an ankle pant. End the week with smile and a “I’m doing this for me” attitude and Friday won’t know what hit it!


Plan your work week using this cheat sheet and give yourself the time you need to take on the day the way you were meant to. Leave a comment and tell us which J&K Signature Styles item is your must have and how you style it!


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