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BUST:  Pull the tape from the back to the front around the fullest point of your bust. The tape should be aligned parallel to the floor.

HIGH HIP: The high hip area is approximately 3" below your belly button.


WAIST:  Measure your natural waist. Your  natural waist is the smallest part of your torso and right underneath your rib cage approximately 1 inch above your belly button. Make sure the tape is even across the front and back and parallel to the floor.

HIP: Pull the tape around the fullest part of your hip area.


SHOULDER WIDTH: Measure from the base of your neck right in the middle of your shoulder and along to the tip of your shoulder.

SLEEVE LENGTH: Have your arm just slightly bent, and measure from the tip of your shoulder over the elbow to your wrist line.

JACKET LENGTH: The length measurement is taken from the top of the shoulder, close to the mid side of your neck, following your body down to the point where you want your clothing to end.


HIGH WAIST: To find your waist measurement at the smallest point around your middle, bend to the side and see where you crease.


INSEAM: Measure your inseam from the crotch down the inside seam of leg to desired length.


DRESS LENGTH: Measure from the tip of the shoulder, over the fullest part of the bust straight down to the length of the dress. 

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