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Creating a Work-Life Balance

Creating a work-life balance   Behind coloured rimmed glasses, her light brown eyes stared strenuously at a screen as life flashed by unknowingly. Birthdays, anniversaries, significant events have seemed to escape her. Without a moment’s notice, we too can miss out on so much if we do not maintain our work life balance Work fixation …

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Skip the Tailor, Get the Right Length!

Inseam length pants

Shopping for pants off the rack and having to make alterations are a reality for most of us. It’s so difficult to find the perfect pants length, especially work pants for the office. It’s not like we can roll up the pant leg to switch up the style like we do with our jeans. We …

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Easy-to-wear Options for Work

Getting dressed and looking somewhat put together (including makeup!) with little or no effort is just…. a dream for us busy ladies. But did you know that you can have a week’s wardrobe in advance with mix and match options for those busy mornings? Yes it is possible.  You can quickly get dressed and look …

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The Executive- Sophisticated Suiting

Executive Suiting

The Executive – Sophisticated Suiting We’re all familiar with the saying “dress for the job you want” but what about dressing for the power that you have? The best way to describe our latest suiting styles is “A collection that suits the most empowered you”. It’s perfect for the woman who takes charge of her …

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Classic or Curve Waist – Which work pants best suits you?

Lassic and Curve Waist Work Pants

Have you ever purchased pants that fits perfectly on your hips but the waist just does not fit right?  Or it fits so well at the waist, but you’re scared to sit because the seams feel like they’re going to pop open, not to mention there is no room in the hip area? I’m sure …

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Prints Please – Our Latest Workwear Collection

Printed Womens Workwear

Prints have the unique ability to add dimension and personality to your workwear, in fact it adds flair to any outfit, and when paired with the right pieces you can elevate your look while highlighting your best features. Can this styling go-to get any better? We’ve all experienced that extra bounce in our step when …

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TEAL & CORAL – Mood-Enhancing Colours

Ever wonder why we are drawn to some colours but not to others? In the world of science, colours are said to influence our behavior; it can affect our mood, our feelings and even our appetite. Shopping for specific colours that you are drawn to also says a lot about your personality and the image …

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The Sky Is The Limit! – March 2019 Workwear Collection

You know that feeling you get when you step into a brand-new pair of shoes? Or when you wear your power suit for the first time? That feeling that you are in control of your day and you can conquer anything that life throws at you, yes that feeling is what our March collection is …

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From Basic to BOLD – Utilizing the right accessories

The simplest tools you can have in your styling arsenal are accessories. The right accessory has the ability of taking any outfit from basic to bold in no time. You know that black and white outfit that you always love wearing on  Monday Mornings? Why not add a bold red fashion belt or layered necklace? …

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3 Ways to Wear – Buttoned Cardigans

From dressing casual to looking sharp, cardigans continue to be one of the most versatile pieces you can own. It’s an excellent way to polish off an outfit with simple style and ease. We’re about to jump into 3 ways you can wear your buttoned cardigans for just the right occasion: LUNCH DATE READY: With …

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